12 Riding tips for beginners

12 Riding tips for beginners

Riding tips
Everyone has been a beginner in cycling, whether they learned to ride a balance bike at the age of three or took the risk of trying an electric bike in their forties. In the first year of riding, you may encounter many problems or confusion, even those veterans who have been riding for many years will occasionally be stumped.

Below, I have compiled some riding tips for beginners, hoping to be helpful to everyone.

Riding tips

1. Buy a bicycle or ebike from a local shop

Buying bicycles or ebikes online may help you save a lot of money, but buying from a local car shop has more benefits: they can ensure that the product is suitable for you, set a riding angle that suits you, and may also provide you with free maintenance services; When you encounter cycling problems, the car shop can help you answer them. In the long run, their expertise and advice can help you save more money.

2. Find your comfortable riding position

Many professional cyclists who have been riding for decades are still adjusting their riding angles. For competitors who are pursuing competitive performance, the setting of riding posture is a never-ending adjustment process. However, there are some basic guidelines to help beginners find a comfortable riding position and avoid riding injuries: use the heel to step on the foot to the lowest point. At this time, if the knee can still bend a little, this is the best seat cushion height. , The feet are also easy to exert force.

3. Learn to repair a tire

I still clearly remember the helplessness of the first time I had a flat tire without repairing it. I was riding alone on the road. I carried a small backpack with nuts, clothes and bottled water, even though I had tires, air cylinders, Tire lever, I don’t know how to deal with it. If you don’t know how to repair a tire now, you can learn from a car shop, a friend or the Internet, and then practice hard at home until you can operate it easily.

Riding tips

4. Invest in some necessary riding equipment

At first glance, bicycles may seem like an expensive sport, but that’s not the case. You only need to invest in the following equipment: helmets, locks (if you plan to leave during the ride), gloves (needed for winter riding), cycling clothes, waterproof jackets, cycling shoes, pedals And mini repair kits, tire repair tools. You may feel that you need to buy other spare parts, but these are must-haves.

5. Join the cycling club

A good club welcomes beginners to join the ride, they can help you solve technical problems, physical problems or route problems. In the first ride, if you don’t understand the riding gestures, they won’t mind you taking some time to adapt.

6. Use lock pedals as early as possible

Once you overcome how to unlock, it will be much easier to use. The next thing to do is to practice more on the lawn or against the wall.

7. Don’t tolerate the discomfort of the seat cushion

It’s very common for the seat cushion to be inappropriate, so there are many styles and styles to choose from, so please listen to your body to find out the problem, and choose a trial service from a nearby car shop to avoid you spending wrong money. Choose the right seat cushion. Is the key. In addition, please do not wear underwear when wearing cycling pants.

Riding tips

8. Learn to shift gears

Current bicycles have a wider gear ratio, use smaller chainrings and larger flywheels to easily cope with climbing, and use larger chainrings and smaller freewheels to ride faster on flat roads. Take some time to practice shifting gears on flat roads, and let this action become natural.

9. Increase riding confidence

Reserve a distance of 1 meter when riding on the edge of the road to ensure that you have enough space to avoid obstacles, and encourage other cyclists to provide enough space when overtaking. Follow road regulations, especially at intersections, roundabouts, and lane centers.

10. Practice basic skills frequently

When turning, be sure to slow down to an appropriate speed before turning, raise the inner side of the knee, place the center of gravity on the outer side, and maintain balance. When approaching climbing, continue to pedal to gain more power to enter the climbing, and alternately stand and ride with a certain pattern.
You don’t need to pulse from the Alps at a very fast speed from scratch, but some basic skills will help you feel more confident. Remember, the front brake is more effective when braking, and the rear brake can be used to assist in speed control.

Riding tips

11. Eat and drink while riding

While you eat and drink while running or swimming, you may find this idea a bit strange, but riding is fine. If you ride for more than 90 minutes, you can add some food every hour, such as cereals. Riders are usually accustomed to putting the water bottle on the frame, so it is worthwhile to practice drinking water when pedaling.

12. Don’t over ride in a short time

Riding is not about weight-bearing. It will not put a lot of pressure on your joints. If you want to keep fit and lose weight, this is a good choice. However, if you ride too much too fast, you may feel tired, injured, or even tired of it. Gradually increase your riding volume, create a training plan to ensure that you have enough time to recover, and focus on the overall situation, focus on gradual improvement, and pursue a happier and healthier riding.

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