13 Precautions before and after electric bike riding

13 Precautions before and after electric bike riding

1.Before electric bike riding, please check your equipment and car condition, including protective gear, brakes, etc., and try not to use a car you are not familiar with. Protective gear is to minimize your injuries in the event of an accident. If you feel that your life is less valuable, then you don’t need to spend money on protective gear. Familiar with the car conditions can enable you to make timely judgments when there are abnormal road conditions, so as to make accurate handling actions.

2.Before electric bike riding, please make a fair assessment of your physical strength and skills, tell your fellow riders, and analyze the day’s itinerary together and make a reasonable plan. Never brag about your physical stamina and technique in front of fellow riders.

3.Before electric bike riding, tidy up your clothes and accessories. So as not to affect concentration and cause accidents during riding.

4.During electric bike riding, be sure to hold the handle with both hands and touch the brake lightly with your fingers (multi-finger brakes are forbidden for oil-disc vehicles). Do not take off the handlebars with both hands or one hand while riding. It is forbidden to arrange clothes, pick up your hair, hold glasses, take off headphones, use the phone, read maps, pull pants, pick your nose… etc. For life safety activities, if you have the above requirements, please pull over and stop before proceeding.

5.During electric bike riding, it is forbidden to pinch the brake with one hand to avoid high-risk accidents such as face brake and drift. It is forbidden to stand when braking, and the buttocks must be close to the back of the cushion to avoid forward somersaults.

6.During electric bike riding, it is forbidden to change lanes at will. When changing lanes, please observe the road conditions behind you left and right before proceeding.

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7.During electric bike  riding, please observe the traffic rules, do not take motorized lanes, do not run red lights, or go retrograde.

8.During electric bike riding, try not to chat, listen to music, watch beautiful women and other distracting activities.

9.During electric bike riding, try to drive at a constant speed, and don’t suddenly accelerate or brake, so as to avoid other cars from making wrong judgments.

10.When riding at night, please ensure that others can clearly see your lighting configuration.

11.After the electric bike riding is over, please inform your fellow riders of safety in written form.

12.Ridng an electric bicycle in groups as much as possible, especially mid-to-long-distance riding.

13Try not to carry people during cycling, especially in downtown areas.

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For friends who have cycling enthusiasts around, the suggestions are as follows:

1.Give more safety suggestions and tips before riding;

2.Try not to call him (her) during cycling. In non-emergency situations, please use text messages. In emergency situations, please connect and hang up. Call again after a minute. In extremely urgent situations, please remind when the call is connected. He (she) stops first.

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