6 elements for choosing autumn and winter riding gloves

6 elements for choosing autumn and winter riding gloves

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In the autumn and winter season, the biggest challenge in the test of the hands and feet is to keep warm. No one wants to freeze their hands into ice because they forget to wear or wear a pair of improvised gloves. Having a pair of windproof and warm gloves can not only withstand the oncoming cold wind, but also maintain good controllability and ensure safety.

It’s time for bikers who are still using short-fingered riding gloves to put on the autumn and winter riding gloves; the autumn and winter gloves default to full-finger gloves. When buying riding gloves, refer to the following 6 points to make you more Easily find the riding gloves that suit you.

Schematic diagram of size comparison table

1. Size

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Gloves are also divided into sizes. Large or small gloves will affect the wearing experience and reduce the controllability, thereby affecting riding safety. When buying gloves, you must remember to select suitable riding gloves according to the size comparison table given by the glove manufacturer. If possible, it is best to try them on, so that you can have a direct understanding of the size.

2. Workmanship

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The autumn and winter long-finger gloves will have a certain thickness based on the warmth, and they will be deformed when wearing gloves to grasp the handlebars. Therefore, the gloves with excellent workmanship will use appropriate splicing fabrics to maintain the hand feeling during gripping and reduce Wrinkles and avoid the occurrence of excessive stretching of the fabric. And the stitches at the seams of each spliced fabric will be very regular (this can be understood by looking at the actual object).

The tiger’s mouth and palm of riding gloves are the most stressed areas, and long-term use will cause wear to these key parts. High-quality riding gloves will enhance the durability of the gloves by “adding materials” in these key parts. This is also worth paying attention to when purchasing.

Warmth and anti-slip is a topic that autumn and winter gloves can’t escape. The use experience brought by the combination of epoxy position and different fabrics is also very different. These two elements are often ignored in workmanship. Among them, the high-quality epoxy feel is compared. Jerky, this is especially important.

3. Palm shape

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As mentioned above, gloves with excellent workmanship will use spliced fabrics to enhance the wearing experience. The palm shape here reflects the most intuitive requirement on the purchase of gloves to see whether it is ergonomic tailoring, in short, Whether the cutting and splicing of the gloves are directly designed and manufactured according to the posture of the grip. “If your autumn and winter gloves can be completely flat and folded into a pair; then congratulations, you have a reason to change the autumn and winter riding gloves.”

4. Whether it is waterproof

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This is an element considered by advanced or experienced players. After all, no one will go out to ride in rainy weather. In terms of waterproof gloves, what needs to be paid attention to is whether the method of waterproofing is whether the fabric itself is waterproof or through the outside. The coating to achieve the waterproof effect. Waterproof fabric is a priority, but the price will be more expensive; gloves with waterproof coating will have the normal situation that the aging effect of the coating will be reduced, at this time, you can buy a waterproof spray for spraying.

5. Fixing method

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Gloves also play tricks. The fixing methods are generally elastic binding and Velcro. The more high-end ones use the boa restraint system to fasten the gloves as shown in the above picture. There is no difference between good and bad, it depends on the personal use environment and preferences; it should be noted that the gloves fixed by Velcro often have big pits, for example, the buckle will accidentally stick to the front and back of the glove to cause snagging, or use After a period of time, the Velcro will be off the hook and will not stick. The simplest and rude way is to look at the price, the same use of Velcro gloves with high prices, the use of Velcro will be relatively more high-quality.

6.Touch screen

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I won’t believe you when I ride a bike in autumn and winter without taking photos. No one wants to take off their gloves to operate a mobile phone in the cold season. “Forced operation is true love”; a pair of equally good riding gloves are placed In front of you, the style that can touch the screen is almost a must at the moment. This user-friendly bonus item often has a high weight, and you need to pay attention to it when buying.

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