Best electric bike conversion kits: give your current bike a power boost

Best electric bike conversion kits: give your current bike a power boost

If you don’t want to buy an e-bike outright, the best electric bike conversion kits allow you to transform the bike you already have into something that gives you the boost you’re after.

Electric bikes have come into the global conversation in a big way. They are suddenly everywhere and everyone wants one. It’s not a fluke and there are lots of benefits to having one: they make the world more accessible without jumping in a car, and they still provide a great workout. Whether you’re looking for the best electric bike for commuting or want to hit the trails after work with the best electric gravel bike, the right e-bike lets you tackle longer days, steeper hills, and heavier loads.

The only thing that might be stopping you is the price of one. A way around that is to convert a bike you’ve already got sitting around. Waste not, want not, right? You’ve already got a bike you love, so why spend money on a brand new bike when, with the right knowledge and the right kit, you could take that old bike and add electric assist for less money and less hassle.

Continue reading to see our suggestions for the best electric bike conversion kits, or jump down to the bottom and see some of the things to think about as you shop.

1.Hotebike Item NO.kit A2

electric bicycle conversion kit electric bike kit china

Wheel  :26 inch rear wheel with 36v 350w motor

Battery:36v 10ah lithium battery

PAS:1:1 pedal assistant

Display:LCD Display

controller:36v controller

brake:Aluminum alloy brake

Throttle:Twist Intelligent Speed Control

Charger:AC100V-240V,42V 2A

electric bike conversion kits

2.Electric Bike Kit

24v 36v 48v 250w 350w 500w 1000w electric bike conversion motor kit with battery

1.250W/350W/500W/1000W hub brushless motor are fairly bulletproof and low maintenance
2.24V/36V/48V 9AH/10AH/13AH lithium-in battery as power supply
3.26”*1.95 wheel suit a lot of non-electrict bike
4.Brake lever stop the electric bike easily

5.1:1 PAS assist you riding without the throttle
6.Controller manage the electric bike system
7.Rim made up of aluminum alloy light weight

8.LCD display know the information of the electric bike
9.Controller box protect controller not damage

10LED front light for night riding

electric bike conversion kits


3.Hotebike brushless motor controller Item NO.SY36VSVPA

brushless motor controller for electric bike 36v 48v 250w 350w 500w 800w

1.Working temperature: -30℃ to 120℃

2.Supported speed: >5000 rpm

3.Efficiency:86% approx

4.current: 50A-820A

5.Controller: Intelligent Brushless

6.Max speed: 25km/h(EU)32km/h(USA)

7.Battary current::17A-250A

8.Wheel size: 16″ -28″ 700c

9.Key words:4v 36v 48v 250w 350w 500w 800w

electric bike conversion kits

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