Bicycle chain maintenance time and correct use knowledge

Bicycle chain maintenance time and correct use knowledge

bicycle chain

The bicycle chain is the most easily worn and contaminated part in cycling, and it is also the most tangled and headache component for riders.

It is completely exposed during riding, and riding in various environments will be directly affected by the environment.

If the bicycle chain is not well maintained, it will not only affect the life of the bicycle chain, bicycle chain ring and transmission, but also affect the riding feeling due to the lack of smoothness of the bicycle chain. Therefore, the maintenance of the bicycle chain is extremely critical in daily maintenance.

For the maintenance of the bicycle chain, most of it depends on the environment and conditions when you are riding. Riding in damp and muddy environments requires more maintenance than on dry and asphalt roads.

Here is an introduction to the maintenance time and correct use of the chain.

When should the bicycle chain be maintained?

bicycle chain

  1. The speed change performance is reduced during riding.
  2. There is too much dust or sludge on the chain.
  3. Noise is generated when the transmission system is running.
  4. Because the bicycle chain is dry, it makes a gurgling noise when pedaling.
  5. Put it for a long time after being exposed to rain.
  6. When driving on general roads, maintenance is required at least once every two weeks or every 200 kilometres or so.
  7. When driving on off-road conditions, clean and maintain at least once every 100 kilometres. Even if you ride in a harsher environment

How to clean the bicycle chain

Tools needed

Repair racks, cleaning agents, old newspapers, dry rags, lubricants, old toothbrushes, syringes, chain washers, oil-based pens.

Cleaning steps

bicycle chain

step 1: Lay newspapers or rags on the work floor to receive excess cleaning fluid that may drip from the chain during the cleaning process.

Step 2: Put the bicycle on the maintenance rack, change the chain ring to the middle or small disk, and change the flywheel to the middle gear. Adjust the bicycle so that the lower level of the chain is as parallel to the ground as possible.

Step 3:Use a brush or rag to wipe off some of the mud, dirt and dirt on the chain.

Step 4:Fill the washer with cleaning fluid.

Step 5:Place the chain washer at the bottom of the lower chain, in the middle of the chain ring and flywheel, and assemble the chain washer.

bicycle chain

Step 6:Hold the handle tightly and slowly turn the crank counterclockwise. After several turns, the chain is washed. If necessary, add new cleaning fluid to continue cleaning until the bicycle chain is clean.

Hold the handle with your left hand and turn the crank with your right hand. Both hands must be firm to achieve a balance so that the chain can rotate smoothly. It may not be easy to grasp the force at the beginning, and it may not be able to pull, or pull the chain away from the chain ring. It will be fine when you get used to it. When cleaning, you can turn a few more times to clean the gaps as much as possible.

Step 7:Use a rag to wipe off all the cleaning fluid from the chain and dry it as much as possible. Shift forward and backward, and then wipe off any remaining cleaning fluid on the chain ring, flywheel, etc.

After wiping, place it in the sun to dry or air-dry, and only after the bicycle chain is completely dry, can it be oiled.

Step 8:Wipe away the scattered contaminants immediately, and dispose of the cleaning fluid and dirty cloth. After finishing, rinse the chain washer with water and then air dry.

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