Bicycle pump: what kind of bicycle pump you need to know

Bicycle pump: what kind of bicycle pump you need to know

bicycle pump

No matter how good a bicycle is, it will have a puncture. According to riders, this is mainly related to “personality.” After the tire is repaired, you need to pump up, so that the air pump is an indispensable tool. When choosing, you must remember to classify, first determine whether you are a mountain bike or a road bicycle.

There are many types of bicycle pumps on the market, but they can be simply divided into large bicycle pumps and small bicycle pumps. Large bicycle pumps are convenient for pumping and not easy to carry. The small pump is easy to carry, but the pumping efficiency is not high. It is recommended that riders generally have two bicycle pumps, the big bicycle pump is used at home, and the small bicycle pump is carried with them.

Relationship between cylinder and pressure

bicycle pump

Regardless of the size of the pump, its structure and principle are roughly the same, which can be summarized as follows:

The larger the inner diameter of the cylinder, the larger the gas output, but the relatively low pressure.

The smaller the inner diameter of the cylinder of the gas cylinder, the smaller the gas output, but the relatively high pressure.

The relationship between tires and pressure

The first condition for choosing an bicycle pump is to suit your bicycle and purpose. The general air pressure requirements are as follows:

Cars and motorcycles: 40psi

Mountain bicycle: 45-60psi

City bicycle: 65-80psi

Road bicycle: 100-120psi

Bicycle shock absorber: above 200psi

Of course, this is only an approximate range, please check the label on the tire for the specific value. Be sure to observe the range marked on the tire when pumping up. Too high may burst, while too low may cause the rim to touch the ground.

Mini pump

bicycle pump

This type of pump emphasizes lightness, shortness, smallness, and portability. Generally, it can be fixed on the frame or directly placed in the riding pocket. However, the shortcomings of the Mini pump are also obvious, because it is small in size and not easy to exert force, and the amount of air output is small. Choose this according to your needs. If you don’t want to bring a lot of things, the Mini pump is still a good choice.

Floor pump

This is what we often say about the atmosphere tube. Generally, this kind of bicycle pump has large volume, large output, low pumping effort, with barometer, etc. It can be described as many functions, but it is not convenient to carry, so this kind of bicycle pump can only be used at home.

Hand-held floor pump

bicycle pump

The hand-held floor air cylinder is between the Mini air cylinder and the atmospheric cylinder. It is slightly larger in size, equipped with a hose, with a barometer, and can be fixed on the ground with a foot for easy pumping. Although the function has been improved to a certain extent, the air output is still limited compared to the large air cylinder, and the pumping is also not easy. It can only be said that it is better than the Mini air cylinder.

High Pressure Gas Cylinder

In this way, it should be inflated, not pumped up. It is equipped with a high-pressure gas cylinder, which can be inflated as soon as it is opened, which is convenient and easy. The only disadvantage is that it is expensive, and the cylinder is useless after using it once. Cylinders are a few yuan cheaper, a little more than a dozen yuan, this method is mainly used in competitions or emergency situations, fast and convenient, of course local tyrants can also consider.

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