Bike bag: How to choose a bike bag?

How to choose a bike bag?

For riders who want to be prepared but do not want to use a bike bag, the bike bag is an important and convenient bicycle accessory. When riding-it is necessary to carry some essential items, such as spare inner tubes, repair kits, tire levers, pumps, multi-function tools, etc. This is where it helps to have extra space. With a saddle bag, you don’t have to awkwardly stuff everything into your pocket. How to choose?

1. Waterproof

The fully waterproof bike bag has obvious advantages, that is, it is scratch-resistant and abrasion-resistant, and waterproof, and it will not enter the water for not too long after being soaked in the water. The advantage of the roll-up type is that it is completely isolated from water. As long as the roll-up is correct, the bike bag can be completely immersed in the water tank without water leakage. However, fish and bear’s paws cannot be used at the same time. The disadvantage of the roll-up type is that it is relatively troublesome to retrieve items.

Therefore, cyclists need to think about the arrangement of their luggage, placing them on the bottom layer not commonly used, and placing the luggage they often take on the top. If you ride for a long distance, this kind of trouble is worth the burden. After all, the weather changes along the way, and the strong waterproof performance is standard. Besides, the bike bag is responsible for most of the luggage storage, but other small bike bags can be hung on the bike. This kind of small bike bag can store urgently used items. The function of such a waterproof bike bag is simpler.

2. Fabric

In any case, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant fabrics can deal with all kinds of scratches and accidents, and can ensure the integrity of the bike bag. The choice of fabrics becomes the top priority. For example, corresponding to scratch resistance, it can guarantee the D number of the fabric, and the double-sided adhesive surface has a grid or thick line stripes in the middle, which is a solution. In addition, consider the use of polar environments such as high temperature and extreme heat and low temperature freezing.

Normally, riding at 50 degrees is relatively rare, but riding on snow is quite a lot, but it is not recommend that use a bike bag when riding outside the temperature below -20 degrees.  Don’t recommend to long distances and riding under excessive temperature. There is a greater risk. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of fully waterproof materials, one is pvc mesh cloth, the other is nylon laminated tpu, the former is cold-resistant at -20 degrees, the latter is about -40 degrees, and the pvc mesh cloth has a lower melting point.

Generally, it is about 60-70 degrees, and the melting point of nylon laminated tpu is higher, and it is generally above 90-100 degrees. Therefore, in polar environments, nylon laminated tpu fabrics are more durable. However, in terms of service life at room temperature, pvc mesh cloth is more durable because its degradation rate is much slower.

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