Bike lights: Why do you need bike lights?

Why do you need bike lights?

bike lights
Nowadays, people like to ride a electric bike or bike at night, and night elves’ bikes are professionally equipped. They ride freely on the road and enjoy this fun. There are a few fixed nights every week, shuttled on the roads of the city or the suburbs. This unique way of riding is setting off a new trend in urban life. Nowadays, urban night riding or suburban riding has become a popular exercise method.

Riding at night is safer only if you can see and be seen. Therefore, bike lights are an indispensable equipment for safe night riding. But if you don’t have bike lights, accidents can easily occur.
According to 2017 data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than half of bike accidents occurred in dark and lacking lighting road environments between 5 pm and 9 pm. Studies have even shown that the lack of bike lights is also an important reason for bike accidents during the day.

bike lights

The following are two common bike accidents:

The first situation: crossroads. Crossroads are the most prone to traffic accidents. As shown in the figure below, the two bikes may turn their heads around at any time at this time, and the position of the bicycle is not easy to be noticed (even if the mirror is installed, the effect is very weak).

In this case, if the cyclist uses bike lights or has headlights, the situation will be very different. Bikes traveling from two different angles can well find and perceive the location of the bike, thereby avoiding bike accidents.

bike lights
The second situation: insufficient light or unclear vision. Relevant data shows that nearly 40% of bicycle accidents are caused by bikes such as bikes or motorcycles hitting the rear of a bike, and most of the reasons are the lack of effective lighting. The following two comparison diagrams can illustrate the problem well:

bike lights
In the same riding environment, it is difficult to find the location of the bike, whether it is a bike at the rear or an oncoming bike, without the lights in Figure 1. Especially for high-speed vehicles, it is a big challenge to discover and respond to bikes in a short time.

bike lights

Although the picture in the example shows the situation at night, the actual situation is indeed much more complicated. First of all, for weather with low visibility such as rain and fog, or areas with a lot of fog and haze, high-quality bike lights are needed to ensure safety even during the day. In addition, although street lights, building lights, etc. may provide part of the light for riding, because there are many and mixed city lights, it may be difficult for bike drivers and motorcycle drivers to distinguish, so there is always a danger.

This is why we recommend bike lights even in city streets with good lighting. Of course, in order to solve the problem of the inconvenience of city lights, the rear lights of professional bike models will generally set the bike light to a more conspicuous red, increase the flicker function, and the viewing angle is generally relatively. And this has become the main basis for choosing city bike lights.

All in all, we need to equip our bike with adequate lighting, including front and rear lights. In this way, there will be no bicycle accidents and guarantee  our lives.

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