Bike phone front frame bag bicycle bag

Bike phone front frame bag bicycle bag

Whether you use your bike to commute, run errands or take longer trips, you’ll need a way to carry essentials, from a small repair kit to full-on camping gear. A daypack or front frame bag is good for shorter trips, but some of your best gear-carrying options are racks, baskets and bags that fit on your bike.The following two models are very suitable for your electric bicycle bags when you travel. If you are interested, you would like to continue to look down.

1.Model N Hotebike Y011-1 Y012-1

Bicycle Bags waterproof front frame bicycle top tube bag bicycle travel and Mobile Phone handlebar bag outdoor

(1)Touch screen hard shell upper tube bag,EVA three-dimensional shape,sensitive touch screen.

(2)Compression shock

Large capacity

Double zipper design

Waterproof Fabric.

(3)Suitable for mobile phones within 6.5 inches.

(4)EVA compression, seeing is believing.

(5)TPU sensitive touch screen, light and thin, more fit,.Soft and not stiff, improve the applicable experience, let you play freely.

(6)Water-repellent design, no longer worry about riding in rainy weather.Water-repellent fabric + laminated waterproof zipper to reduce rainwater penetration.

(7)Sponge protection, effectively protect the phone.

(8)Clamshell design, easy to access.More convenient to place and retrieve items.

(9)Large space design,to meet the needs to riding.

(10)Triple Velcro fixed and not shaking.Velcro triangle fixing strap,triangle fixing method, more stable and not easy to shake,easter to ride.

(11)Long-distance riding, multi-functional. Make full use of the mobile APP, your mobile phone can be “speedometer”, “navigation”, “headphone answering”.


2.Model NO.Hotebike LT-007

Low price bike phone front frame bag bicycle bag large capacity cycling top tube bags outdoor sports.

(1)vBicycle beam triangle bag has big capacity, waterproof and reflective.

(2)Thick fabric water repellent.
The bag is a sewing process and is slightly waterproof.
(Note: Do not soak in water for a long time)

(3)Big Capacity Easy access

Use a large area zipper to open the warehouse design, portable loading and unloading all kinds of items.

(4)Not blocking the legs, more beautiful.
Reasonable space design, narrow body.
Riding without touching your legs.

(5)More straps, stronger

(6)4 Velcro straps are fixed, stable and reliable, portable and removable.

(7)Reflective, strips are safer.
The body of the bag comes with three reflective warning signs, making it safer to drive at night.

(8)Inflator storage strap

The bottom of the pump holds the strap, which is convenient for storing pumps or other long objects.

(9)Layered mesh bag inside
The inner net pockets are separated, and the items are stored separately, which is easy to find, and it can also prevent the items in the bag from rubbing against each other.

frame bag bicycle bag

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