Cycling sun protection: you should know the cycling sun protection strategy

Cycling sun protection: you should know the cycling sun protection strategy

Cycling sun protection
Fall weather is perfect for bicycling, whether it’s a long-distance challenge or a leisurely family ride in the country. The sun is out, the air is crisp, the humidity tends to be lower — and the need for sun protection is as important as ever.

The significance of cycling sun protection can not only prevent us from tanning, but also prevent various skin diseases.
In addition to skin cancer, ultraviolet light is harmful to the human body. It also causes a decline in human immune function, leading to skin aging, dullness and wrinkles, and the incidence of pigmentation cancer also increases.
There is a more embarrassing thing, it really won’t come back after a tan. As soon as summer arrives, it turns into black charcoal…Because I am very afraid of heat, I recommend night riding or morning riding for my life in summer. This is the happiest way for me to spend the summer…

Scientific cycling sun protection is really necessary, whether it’s standing in the image or the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to the human body.

In the hot summer, riding outside fixation is to get a tan, but the method is properly planned, and you are no longer afraid of riding in the hot summer.

Cycling sun protection

Summer cycling sun protection guide

Eat tomatoes

Tomatoes can protect against sun. Lysin plays an important role in sun protection. If you eat 40g tomatoes a day, the risk of sunburn will be reduced a lot. So in many skin care products, you can also see the substances extracted from tomatoes.
Eat less sensitive vegetables
For skin prone to spots, it is best not to eat photosensitive vegetables such as celery, coriander, and white radish in mid-summer. You can eat more vegetables, such as kiwi, tomatoes, oranges, that inhibit pigmentation and make your skin fair.

Comprehensive protection

Vitamin C can be called the king of whitening, so this powerful helper is indispensable for sun protection. You should eat more fruits rich in vitamin C. At the same time, adequate intake of vitamin E and vitamin A can prevent skin aging and enhance skin resistance.
Cycling sun protection


The dermatologist recommends applying sunscreen 20 minutes before riding. If conditions permit, it should be reapplied every 1-2 hours. You can put a portable sunscreen in your pocket and use it when you are resting at intersections and rest stops.
If you ride in a high-altitude area, the radiation will increase by 5% for every 300m increase in altitude, so you need to be more vigilant.

UVA affects the elastin in the skin, leading to wrinkles and sun-induced skin aging and skin cancer. On the other hand, UVB is the most important form of ultraviolet radiation that causes sunburn and is closely related to the risk of malignant melanoma and basal cell carcinoma (types of skin cancer). A sunscreen with a high SPF will help block UVB rays and prevent skin burns, thereby reducing the possibility of skin cancer.

Emma Shields of Cancer Research UK added: “Many people think that sunscreen is foolproof, but it can only be used as a last line of defense where clothes cannot cover.

“No matter where you are, as long as you use it properly, SPF 15 sunscreen should provide adequate protection. A sunscreen with a higher SPF does not provide a lot of extra protection and will entice people to think they can stay in the sun. Long time. The most important thing is to remember to apply large amounts frequently, especially when you are sweating. Even the ‘once a day’ sunscreen needs to be reapplied regularly.”
This means that if you are going for a longer ride, you need to bring some sunscreen with you. If you don’t like to carry a bottle, look for a sunscreen bag. They weigh only a few grams and take up almost no space in a pocket or saddle bag. Use your multi-purpose tool and spare inner tube to hang some in case you need it.
The SPF recommendations of Lisa Bickerstaffe of the British Skin Foundation are slightly different: “When choosing sunscreens, look for a high protection SPF (SPF 30 or higher) to prevent UVB, UVA circular signs and/or four or five UVA stars. Prevent UVA.”
UVA star? This is a system that indicates the percentage of UVA radiation absorbed by a sunscreen compared to UVB-in other words, it is the ratio between the level of UVA protection and the level of UVB protection. A product can have anything from sporadic to five-star.
It is worth remembering that if you choose a sunscreen with a low SPF, it may still have a lot of stars, not because it provides a lot of UVA protection, but because the levels of UVA and UVB protection are roughly the same.

Equipped with sun protection

Cycling glasses

Strong ultraviolet radiation can cause great damage to the eyes. After a large amount of sun exposure, the cornea of the eye is injured, and symptoms such as pain, discomfort, and watery eyes will appear. There is an important parameter of cycling glasses that needs to be understood
UV400: UV400 means 100% anti-ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays refer to the sun’s rays with a wavelength between 200nm and 380nm
Cycling sun protection
Including three types: UVA wavelength is 315nm~380nm, UVB wavelength is 280nm~315nm, UVC wavelength is 200nm~280nm
UV400 lens can withstand the three wavelengths of UVA, B, and C; while ordinary sunglasses can only reduce the luminosity and cannot block ultraviolet rays. For users, due to the reduction of luminosity, the pupils of the human eyes will be enlarged, because ordinary sunglasses cannot Blocking the ultraviolet rays, on the contrary, causes the ultraviolet rays to be more harmful to the eyes.

Magic turban

The magic headscarf is the most practical sunscreen for the face. The easiest way is to put it around the neck, then pull it up, and pull it up above the nose together, and connect it tightly with the glasses.
Don’t feel hot, it’s better than exploding the skin. If you are really afraid of heat, digging a hole in your nose and a hole in your mouth are all creative ways.


If it is a long distance, it is recommended to wear a long-sleeved cycling jersey, I won’t say more about this


If it’s a short weekend and many people don’t like to wear long sleeves, they must also wear a pair of sleeves. Relative to the legs, the arms are always in the same posture and the same part is always facing upwards, which is the easiest to get sunburned. Of the site.

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