Ebike helmet: what factors do you consider before buying

Ebike helmet: what factors should be considered before buying

Ebike helmet

There are more and more people riding ebike, and it is very unsafe to ride ebike without a helmet. Many people were killed in a ebike accident because they did not wear a helmet, and many people saved their lives because of wearing a helmet. life. The following are the factors that should be considered when purchasing an ebike helmet.

1. Security

Ebike helmet
Among all the factors, safety is the most important consideration.
Regarding safety standards, foreign brand helmets may implement foreign safety standards, such as DOT standards (United States), ECE standards (Europe), SNELL standards (United States), SHARP standards (United Kingdom), etc. If you see products certified by these standards, safety is also trustworthy.

Regarding the material at present, the Volkswagen helmets on the market are all ABS engineering plastics, which is sufficient for electric vehicles with a speed of less than 80KM per hour. Other materials, such as glass fiber reinforced plastic, carbon fiber, etc., are generally designed for high-speed racing players, and the prices are expensive, usually above several thousand yuan. So, the material is basically not tangled.
It is recommended that you choose products that pass the safety standards when buying. After all, safety is guaranteed, and the bottom of your heart is more assured.

2. Convenience

Ebike helmet

In this regard, you can consider whether a helmet is universal in all seasons or special for summer/winter. If there are a few in the house, it would be troublesome to keep changing with the seasons, and it is not necessary.
Helmets that are used in all seasons generally have inner linings and must be removable and cleanable. In this way, as the season changes, the inner lining can be installed or removed freely, which is very convenient and practical.

3. Aesthetics

Ebike helmet

In terms of style, helmets are mainly divided into full helmets and half helmets.
Full helmet refers to a helmet that can be put on the neck and wraps the entire head. Theoretically, it has the highest safety and good warmth retention function; but the ventilation effect may not be good. Fortunately, in winter, wearing it in summer is stuffier.
Half helmets are currently the most common helmets on the road. Although they are convenient to wear, they cannot guarantee the safety of the driver, because they can only protect the safety of the head area. If you need to wear a helmet often, it is really convenient.

4. Breathability

Ebike helmet

Breathability is the key to the helmet, which can keep your head dry during long-distance riding. The more ventilation holes on the helmet, the greater the airflow around your head and the cooler you will feel. However, please keep in mind that the more ventilation holes on the helmet, the more exposed your head will be, so the degree of protection will be reduced accordingly. Compared with mountain bike helmets, road bike helmets have more ventilation holes. Similarly, road bikers have to consider the weight of their helmets more than mountain bikers. Generally speaking, the lighter the helmet, the more expensive it is. Therefore, unless you are doing a bicycle race, you should reduce your own weight as much as possible, otherwise, it is not worth the extra money to buy an ultra-lightweight bicycle helmet.

Therefore, when buying a helmet, you should not only look at the appearance, but also pay attention to the safety of the helmet. Press the front, back and sides of the helmet to see if it is easy to deform. If it is easy to deform or soft, it will protect you. Poor. At the same time, try on it, not too loose or too tight, and check the ventilation holes, hat straps, and goggles.

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