Electric bicycle structure introduction

Electric bicycle structure introduction

Electric bicycles are currently the most widely used means of transportation in China. As users of electric vehicles, it is best to have an understanding of the structure and composition of electric vehicles. In this section of the article, we will talk about the structure and specific components of electric vehicles.


Electric bicycles are special bicycles that use batteries as auxiliary energy sources and have two wheels, which can realize human riding, electric or electric assist functions. Electric bicycles are generally composed of electrical systems, control systems, decorative parts, body parts, and on-board accessories.

Main component:

The core components of an electric bicycle are the frame, battery, motor, controller, and charger.


It is the main part of the electric bicycle. It is the main body of the installation and connection of other parts of the whole vehicle, and bears all loads. It is related to the personal safety of the rider during the ride.

electric bicycle


An ebike  motor is a component that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and drives the wheels of an electric bicycle to rotate.


A battery is an on-board energy storage device that provides electric energy for electric bicycles. The batteries for electric bicycles are mainly divided into lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

electric bicycle


The controller is the heart of the electric bicycle electrical system and the core component of the electric bicycle energy management and various signal processing. It has the function of undervoltage or overcurrent protection.


A charger is an electrical device that replenishes energy to the battery. It converts alternating current into direct current and controls its voltage and current to charge the battery for storage.According to the functions of the various components of electric vehicles, they can be classified into electrical systems, control systems, decorative parts, car body parts and vehicle accessories. The detailed information is as follows:

Electrical system:

Mainly includes ebike motors, controllers, batteries, converters, flashers, lamps, horns, cables, etc.;

electric bicycle

Control system:

Including speed control handle, brake handle, brake cable, brake, five switches, etc.;

Decorative parts:

Mainly include body covers and tail boxes, etc.;

Body parts:

Mainly include special parts such as frame, front fork, handlebar, rear flat fork, rear hanger, saddle, bottom bracket, rear shock absorber and other general standard parts such as flywheel, chain, chain adjuster, etc.;

On-board accessories:

Consist of charger, bumper, rearview mirror, etc.

During the normal use of electric bicycles, the core components such as motors, batteries, controllers, and chargers should be protected, which is of great benefit to extending the life of electric bicycles.

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