Electric Bicycle types: How to choose types of electric bicycles that suits you?

Electric Bicycle types: How to choose types of electric bicycles that suits you?

The weather is warming, the flowers are in full bloom, and the fat accumulated in a winter is eagerly expected to be fully burned. The handsome boys and girls take a bike ride, but suffer from the wide variety of bicycle types, models and sizes on the market. Now I will take you to sort out, how Choose the bike that suits you.
Bicycles are generally divided into: mountain bikes, road bikes, folding bikes, etc.

1. Electric Mountain bike

Mountain bikes, as the name suggests, are born for rugged mountain forest roads; disc brakes, coarse-toothed tires, high-strength, and full suspension models, so that more riders can find sufficient riding confidence. Mountain bikes are suitable for a variety of complex road conditions. Strong body, flexible control, wide tires, good traffic-ability, variable speed, good tire grip, suitable for off-road, mountain bikes have greater overall strength, strong impact resistance, and more comfortable riding, compared to other bicycles for strong riding More difficult to damage.
The various technologies on mountain bikes are specifically developed for mountain roads. If your “ambition” is not on cross-country, it may be more suitable to choose other types of bicycles. Mountain bikes on paved roads are not only. The technology that has dragged its feet and bought with a lot of money is also “useless”. The most bicycles on the market.
Advantages: powerful braking force, traffic-ability, off-road performance, can cross mountain forest roads
Disadvantages: the car is heavy, the gear tires are very dragging on flat roads, and the speed is low
Suitable for the crowd: suitable for men, women and children
Suitable road conditions: any road conditions

2. Electric Road bike

Commonly known as a sports bike, it is designed for speed. The frame often adopts a simple and efficient diamond design, a design with a downward bending handle to reduce wind resistance, a special smaller clamp brake, and the wheel diameter of a standard road bike is uniform. Both 700°C; thinner low-resistance tires. Professional competitions at home and abroad are generally road bikes. Because the applicable environment of road bikes is not as good as that of mountain bikes, the usage of domestic mountain bikes is much greater than that of road bikes. With regard to road bikes, you can often see theism, road tires are thin and easy to blow out. I just want to say that as long as the tire is pressed enough, it will blow out if it hits a nail or the like. “Brisk” is synonymous with road bike, and it has also become the first choice for high-speed travel on paved roads. Large wheel diameters and narrow tires make it have extremely low road resistance and provide higher road speeds, but it also makes it.

The grip of the car has decreased, and it is extremely vulnerable to “traps” such as sidewalks and vertical drains; because in addition to car owners, thieves also love them, which makes the car not conducive to parking and storage, almost no load capacity, and more riding posture Radical, low comfort, only suitable for sports and competitions.
Advantages: light weight and high speed
Disadvantages: The posture is more aggressive (more lying down), has low traffic-ability, and does not have the carrying capacity
Suitable for the crowd: people who pursue speed and are energetic
Suitable road conditions: racing roads, smooth roads

3. Electric Folding bike

The folding bicycle is a classification of bicycles.
Generally, a folding car is composed of a frame folding joint and a riser folding joint. Because of its small size, it is easy to use, and it is the favorite of girls. One of the most important aspects of a folding bike is its portability. You can bring it on the bus, TAXI, or subway once you fold it. It is a must-have for driving outings. Folding bicycles are a leader in short-distance cycling, commuting, and hybrid cycling (traveling in other vehicles or “4+2” cars with folding bikes)
Folding bicycles are the most popular models for office workers in large cities. The compact one can even fit under the desk after being folded. In some domestic cities during peak hours, the folding bicycles can also be picked up by buses, subways and other means of transportation. Barge, become the best solution for urban traffic.
Advantages: compact, first choice for urban commuters
Disadvantages: all “performance indicators” such as traffic-ability, control, strength, rigidity, and comfort have decreased
Suitable crowd: both men and women, especially women
Suitable road conditions: smooth roads

4. Electric city bike

Electric city bike carries more of the most primitive function of bicycles-transportation, and its most attractive feature is its simplicity. The structure of the whole vehicle is very simple, and it almost has the huge advantage of “maintenance-free”, single-speed, internal transmission Mainly, it is enough to meet the basic riding needs; in recent years, urban recreational vehicles are more “retro”. It is exquisite, comfortable and very “literary and artistic”, and it has also become a unique landscape in the city.

Advantages: practical, elegant, indestructible (high reliability)
Disadvantages: also due to its main function of leisure transportation, resulting in its “heavy and slow” characteristics
Suitable crowd: both men and women, especially women
Suitable road conditions: smooth roads

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