How can female avoid cycling injury to important part?

How can female avoid cycling injury to important part?

cycling injury

Not only do men who ride bicycles experience physical discomfort caused by cushion squeeze, but female also face the same problem with bicycles. Gynecologist Luc Beyoncé found that in his query samples, many female cyclists had problems such as perineal paralysis, skin infections, and slow swelling. Let’s learn about the causes of physical discomfort today and how can female avoid cycling injury to important part?.

When riding a bicycle, female cyclists body is mainly touched by these parts: hands, feet and sitting bones. Traditional bicycle cushions generally have a flat upper part and a slightly raised middle part. The intention of this plan is to fit the angle of the human pelvic floor more closely, so that the weight of the body is evenly distributed on the bicycle seat cushion.

However, this kind of planning will knead the blood vessels and nerves in the male private parts, which will cause some health problems for a long time. Regarding female, because the body structure of men is different, this kind of planning does not seem to be so reasonable—the blood vessels and nerves in the private parts are also squeezed, causing numbness and tingling.

cycling injury

How about a cushion with a groove in the center? It can make room for the testicles of men and spread the pressure on the sit bones. Does this also apply to female? This does not seem to be very useful-Dr. Steven Schrader found that using such a cushion increases the pressure on the perineum and increases the chance of tingling. And Dr. Ibrik Bressel of Utah State University in the United States believes that this is because the seat with a groove in the middle will increase the point of view of the pelvic floor leaning forward.

Compared with men, female have a slightly larger pelvic floor angle. This results in some cushions suitable for men not being able to provide support for female’s ischial bones, but instead causes body weight to be concentrated in the perineum. Therefore, choosing a wider cushion can reduce the pressure of the perineum and let the pressure fall on the sit bones correctly.

Lowering the height of the handlebars is indeed more aerodynamic, allowing you to run faster and with less effort, but the value is to bring more pressure to the perineum.

cycling injury

The researchers selected about 50 female as the survey targets. One of the characteristics is: long-term cycling, and the weekly cycling distance is at least ten kilometers. Almost half of them indicated that they had perineal numbness, tingling or pain in the past month.

The researchers recorded the height of the bicycle handles of the participants relative to the cushions, and asked them to bring their bicycles or cushions to the test room, asking them to ride in their usual posture, and record the pressure on the cushions after reaching equilibrium. In addition, the perineal oscillation sensation threshold was tested to investigate the sensitivity.

The results found that: the lower the relative position of the car handle, the higher the pressure received by the central perineum. It is estimated that the middle part of the perineum is far away from the ischium, and the pressure cannot be well dissipated to the ischium. At the same time, the results of the investigation of the oscillation threshold value show that too low a handlebar will increase the pudendal oscillation threshold value, that is, decrease the nerve sensitivity.

The same is because of the difference in the included angle of the pelvic floor between men and female. When bicycles with the same handle height are used, female’s pelvic floor leaning points tend to be larger and the perineal pressure also increases. Therefore, the most useful thing is to adjust the height of the handle, reduce the pelvic floor anterior point of view, so that the body weight is scattered on the sit bones instead of pressing on the perineum!

cycling injury

But this is not practical for female cyclists seeking speed. Despite the lack of targeted trials, Dr. Schrader believes that a noseless cushion for men should also be a good choice for female. However, what needs attention is that the noseless seat may reduce the handling of the car.

In fact, cycling is an exaggerated sport. It is not necessary to choke and give up food in order to worry about affecting sexual function. The important thing is to choose the size of your own frame under the guidance of insiders, choose the seat bag according to your seat bone width, and adjust the seat bag to an appropriate height. In addition, I have to give a hint, but don’t think that you can walk on the bike. The correct riding posture also requires hard practice.

cycling injury

The correct riding posture and timely shifting allows you to spread your weight evenly across your arms, legs and buttocks. This way, on the one hand, it can effectively convert your stamina into the power of the bicycle, and more importantly, it can reduce the pressure on the perineum. In addition, a good pair of riding pants is also indispensable for long-distance riding. Of course, the easiest and most economical way is to get down and walk around from time to time during the ride.

If you know about correct riding posture, you can see the passage. The passage will tell you about the correct riding posture.

The correct riding posture can make you ride longer

Things to remember

Common causes of cycling-related injuries include incorrect riding postures and demanding too much of your body.
Only seven per cent of cycling injuries involve collisions with other vehicles – you are much more likely to hurt yourself by falling off your bike or hitting a stationary object.
Children, particularly those of primary school age, are most at risk of bicycling injury.

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