How cycling fan use 1 hour to train their physical strength

How cycling fan use 1 hour to train their physical strength

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We know that ride a bike is a very good way to improve physical fitness. However, in the imagination of ordinary people, bike physical training may have to have long-term training like athletes in order to be called training.

In fact, all amateur cycling fan like you and me, even if you set aside an hour (it’s okay to put it on the way of traveling), it can become a content-rich training, and after this hour, I believe not only will you not fall asleep when you go home weak, but also have the magical effect of refreshing your spirits.

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0-10 minutes

Do some upper body activities and prepare the bike for the road at the same time, for example: do 25 push-ups, then fill the bottle with water and put it into the bottle cage; do ten sit-ups, and then fill the tire pressure of the bike; do it again 25 push ups, then do a brake check; finally do 10 sit-ups.

11-20 minutes

Ride on the road and warm up while riding a bike. Start with a low-speed gear at a pedaling frequency of 80 revolutions per minute. It feels like pedaling forward with very little force. Then gradually increase the pedaling speed to 100 revolutions per minute, you can increase the gear ratio (high gear), and at the same time return to the pedaling speed of 80 revolutions per minute. Then gradually increase to 100 rpm, and then change to a higher gear; this repeatedly increases the exercise intensity. After ten minutes you should be sweaty and panting slightly.

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21-45 minutes

The next 25 minutes will be the real training. If you want to increase the training effect, you should add some high-intensity training, for example: riding a long slope at the intensity of 80-90% of your maximum heart rate. At the intensity of 85% of the individual’s maximum heart rate, take a timed test ride of 8-16 kilometers. If you encounter a training team, join them on the ride and lead the ride in front. Ride with friends and make a timed ride for two people.

Each person takes turns to lead the ride for 1-2 minutes. If the companion has a strong riding ability, let the companion lead the ride for a longer time. Find a section of undulating road with many short slopes, and work hard to go to each section of the slope. When downhill and flat sections are easy to step on. It is ideal to include two short-slope loops in one and a half kilometers.

Do four high-intensity rides for four minutes, gently pedaling every three minutes. This can be implemented on any road section. Finally, if you are tired of planned training, you can also have an impromptu exercise. And then if you feel that you are in good condition, you can start a sprint after each turn, or a short slope attack, or you can come to a timed sprint to grab the green light. This is also an irregular and effective training.

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46-50 minutes

On the way home for a gentle ride, with a relaxed gear ratio, the speed was reduced from 100 revolutions per minute to 70 revolutions per minute.

51-60 minutes

Go back home and do some lower back stretching. At the same time, check and clean the bike a bit. Finally, hang up your bike and bike shoes and finish the one-hour exercise.

The following introduces several methods of physical fitness training for mountain bikes:
Training method during riding

In hilly areas with maximum ground speed ratio, low number of rotations for mountain climbing training (minimum 50 rpm, maximum 70 rpm). If the resistance increases to 80% of the maximum physical strength during training, those muscle fibers that are not used in general-intensity exercise will come in handy, and some muscles can also be consciously exercised. After this exercise, the physical fitness level will be improved. Improved.
Interval training method

Adopt interval training method, each time with a speed ratio of (60 rpm) riding on a gentle slope for 30 minutes, 10 minutes later, on the next ride. Or divided into two groups for training, each time for 15 minutes to ride at a speed ratio of (60 rpm), with an interval of 10 minutes between the two. Performing this interval training regularly in the plains or hills can feel the “limit” of your body and delay the appearance of the “limit”, so that your exercise level can be quickly improved, but at the same time, more effort will be made.
Speed ​​training:

This kind of training is continuous high-intensity training within the limit. It is a special exercise for competition. A short break can be done during training. Generally, 1×15 minutes-2×20 minutes can be used for training, and the training time is about 1 hour. The training speed should be a little slower than the competition speed. In the second half of training, you should ride the full distance as soon as possible. For beginners, the training intensity should be 70%-80% of the maximum heart rate.

Some opinions on quick and complete recovery

1. Supplement protein and carbohydrates immediately after competition or training. You need 0.8g-1.2g of carbohydrates and 0.2g-0.4g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Avoid junk food, as this will affect digestion and absorption.

2. Take a nap! A nap does not mean laziness, it is actually a clever performance. Taking a nap will not only speed up your recovery, but will also make your training and competition more efficient in the future. The time for a nap should be between 10-25 minutes. Can’t take a nap? I remember a wise man once said-“If you can sit, don’t stand; if you can lie down, don’t sit.”

3. Go to bed early, the longer you sleep, the better. You need 8-10 hours of sleep every night. This means you need to stay in bed for 9-11 hours a day.


The so-called God rewards hard work, which means that there must be a reward for giving. Cycling fans have carried out special physical training, that is, special strength, special speed and special endurance training content based on high-level riding technology, plus unique riding technology, physical fitness and technology interact and cooperate with each other. , Which provides a guarantee for winning. Specialized training methods not only help athletes to strengthen their training methods for their own shortcomings, but also improve the quality of training and the enthusiasm for participation. But pay attention to your own safety during the training process, and at the same time pay attention to observe the psychological characteristics of the athletes during the training, and provide psychological counseling to the athletes in time.

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