How to become a better cyclist through seven steps

How to become a better cyclist through seven steps

How to become a better cyclist
Becoming a better, healthier and faster cyclist doesn’t need to be a self torture experiment – cycling is fun. Just set some goals and plan your ride to see progress.
How to become a better cyclist through seven steps?
Some are based on fitness, some are based on fun, and some are based on technology. These are not set cycling goals. They are tips and ideas to help you become a better, healthier and stronger cyclist.

How to become a better cyclist

1. Increase your average speed by 1 mph

You can easily drive at a mile an hour on your next ride, even without any physical fitness, which depends entirely on technology. Being an efficient rider and knowing how to carry speed will make you faster and save your energy, so practicing every ride is an important skill.
Turning is an obvious situation and you may lose a lot of speed. Remember, what matters is not how fast you enter the corner, but how fast you pass the corner. If you get too hot and have to slam on the brakes, it will significantly slow you down.
Descent, especially in front of the mountain, is another area that needs attention. If there is an uphill road after going downhill and you can see that it is safe, please do not brake, otherwise you will lose power. Stepping down a slope and maintaining speed will allow you to roll to the other side with little effort.
Finally, think about your position. Wind resistance is the best factor to slow down cyclists, so to speed up, consider minimizing your frontal area. Keep down instead of the top of the bar and lower.

How to become a better cyclist

2. Ride in complete comfort

Although we know that cyclists often feel pain and pain, cycling should not feel uncomfortable. However, there are many things you can do to avoid it. Having a professional bike is a good starting point, because mechanically, your bike needs to be suitable for you.
You must adjust your body outside the bike to maintain your riding posture. Core exercises and techniques (such as Pilates) can strengthen the muscles supporting your body, keep your upper body stationary, provide a stable platform to step on, and prevent you from falling in the saddle.
Good stretching and strengthening exercises after and between riding will help prevent many troubles and pain caused by bending for a long time. You can even stop and do these actions while riding to help you feel fresh when you return to the seat saddle.

3. Ride more bikes every week

Finding more time to ride a bike is a challenge for everyone who rides a bike. There are two things that help: creativity and organization. These two qualities will enable you to seize every opportunity.
The most obvious way to spend more time on a bike is to go to work by bike. Even if you can’t ride all the way, just ride to the station to give you more time to ride.
Look at the other tasks you do, too. Can you ride to a friend’s house for dinner or to the next business meeting? With a bag of backpacks, changed clothes and paper towels, you can easily decent on any occasion.

How to become a better cyclist

4. Never be “Crazy”

Exhausting energy on a bike is definitely an unpleasant experience, but it can be easily avoided if you consider your nutrition before and during cycling. Sports nutrition does not necessarily mean eating expensive supplements; Bananas, cereal bars and jam sandwiches contain a lot of easily absorbed carbohydrates, which are easy to carry and eat.
However, the easiest way to make sure you stay hydrated and have enough energy to ride for more than two hours is to use carbohydrate drinks. Always carry more food than you think you need. If you plan to go out for a few hours, please start eating after the first 30 minutes. It is a good rule of thumb to consume 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour, so please check the back of the package to make sure you have enough carbohydrates.

5. Ride 100 miles

Centennial cycling is an arduous task, but if you take your time and eat well, every cyclist can do it. You can take several steps to simplify the operation. First, plan your route wisely, taking into account wind direction and hills. Place the hardest hills at the beginning of the ride (or avoid them completely) and end downwind if possible to help blow you home.
If your goal is to drive 100 miles instead of trying to finish it quickly, set aside a whole day, start early and ride until sunset. All day cycling is a great adventure. There is no time pressure. You don’t have to worry about speed or stop every hour or so. If you are not used to long-distance cycling, plan to stop regularly to stretch out, eat snacks or walk around.
Pace is very important to ensure that you have enough energy to see the end. Being able to chat with other riders is a good measure of your correct pace; If you’re panting or out of breath, it’s time to slow down. Remember rabbits and turtles.

How to become a better cyclist

6. Love the mountain

There are many more reasons to like hills than to hate them, but even so, hills have a bad reputation among cyclists. Hills make you healthy. They may hurt your legs and burn your lungs, but frequent mountain riding will strengthen your legs, and they will also enhance your cardiovascular health by forcing you to work harder than usual. If you want to be faster, don’t avoid them.
Hills provide diversity for your rides. You can see more from the top of the mountain. It breaks the pace, makes you have fun when you go downhill and pushes yourself when you go uphill. The more hillsides you ride, the better your performance will be, and you will begin to learn the different types of hillsides that are best for you. Try to time yourself up a long mountain and repeat the test all year round to see if your time is reduced.

7. Ride with your partner

We often see a group of people speeding up in a document, using slipstream rather than socializing. Isn’t it good to ride and chat together instead of staring at the steering wheel in front of you? Chatting while riding a bike is not a crime, and having the same ability as your partner will enable you to do so.
No one wants to be a slow train. Everyone is waiting for you at the top of every mountain. You don’t want to beg for a push behind your back to help you get rid of the monster that is holding you back. Exercise, move fast, and ride with your friends all day.

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