How to choose the ebike battery for your ebike?

How to choose the ebike battery for your ebike?

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At present, ebike have become a necessary means of transportation for more and more people. E-bike have brought us many conveniences, such as easier and more convenient commuting in crowded cities. Nowadays, there are many kinds of batteries used in ebike. In addition to the valve regulated sealed lead-acid battery with the largest use, there are also nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium battery, lithium-ion battery, polymer lithium battery, zinc air battery, fuel cell and so on. Among them, lead-acid batteries are the most. Lead acid batteries are the cheapest and most commonly used. But at the same time, the problem also comes. Now the battery life expires in a few years. What is the best battery for electric vehicles when replacing? How to choose a battery with excellent performance? I believe many practical electric car friends will encounter these problems.
Let’s summarize some skills on how to select ebike battery.

1. Brand and after sales service

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To solve the problem of how to choose ebike batteries, we must first look at the battery brand. The reputation of big brand batteries is guaranteed and the quality is qualified. Of course, we should buy genuine batteries, and the after-sales service of big brands is also in place. Brand, service and word of mouth are the best publicity methods for ebike. When purchasing, consumers should not only choose high-quality ebike , but also compare the service and brand. They should pay attention to whether the product has an after-sales service point in the region and how its reputation in terms of service quality and reputation is, so that when ebike fail in the future, they can be solved in the shortest time. Look at the after-sales service of the battery. The quality of ebike battery is the first thing to buy. At the same time, after-sales service is also necessary. We should pay attention to the imperfect after-sales service of ebike battery.

2. View appearance

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Secondly, we should look at the appearance of the ebike battery. A good ebike battery shell is very thick, the wiring terminals are thick, and the words printed on the battery are also clear. In addition, we should find the authentic ones. Fake and shoddy batteries are still different from the authentic ones in appearance, and we should identify them carefully. Generally, large brand batteries have anti-counterfeiting marks. The anti-counterfeiting marks are unified. The anti-counterfeiting codes are 16 digits and unique. Each battery has a separate number. Moreover, the anti-counterfeiting inquiry telephone is from the authority, which can’t be forged.

3. Performance test

After viewing the appearance of the ebike battery, perform a performance test on the ebike battery. The ebike battery with excellent performance has small internal resistance and small monomer voltage error. Internal resistance: measure the ebike battery voltage during high current discharge. The smaller the voltage drop, the better; Unit voltage: after the ebike battery is saturated, the voltage between the battery and the battery should be constant, and the error should be less than 0.05 v.

4. Pay attention to battery capacitance, voltage and other indicators

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Ebike battery is the main power source of ebike. Different capacitance, power and driving distance make the price difference of ebike two to three times. Therefore, when buying, we should find out how many volts and amperes the ebike battery is. Under normal circumstances, the 48 V 20 a ebike battery has a longer one-time driving distance than the 36 V 10 a fully charged one. Generally speaking, the larger the capacity and power of the ebike battery, the higher the price.
In a word, I would like to remind the majority of friends who use ebike that they should consider comprehensively and investigate in many ways. They can also consult friends who use electric bicycles and choose the most suitable ebike battery.

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