How to maintain an electric mountain bike

How to maintain an electric mountain bike?

1.Keep it clean

As we all know, keeping your best electric mountain bike with a clean appearance is what many car lovers are willing to do. Your first task is probably the easiest, and also the warm-up task is to clean the bike. Before you clean up your electric mountain bike, first find a place to turn it upside down, balance the seat and handlebars, and prepare the tools we need: bicycle cleaning brush, degreasing solvent, chain lubricant, towel , Bucket, tap water and hose.
When washing the car, pay close attention to your car’s drive train (bearing) and chain.If it is oily, rusty or dirty, spray some degreasing solvent on it. Wash the body of your electric mountain bike, and also pay attention to the bottom bracket and wheel hub not to touch water, otherwise it will cause rust. Every time you wash the bike, dry it with a towel.

2.Apply lubricating oil

Don’t forget to lubricate your electric mountain bike regularly. How to get the correct picture number lubricant? Insufficient lubrication and excessive lubrication may cause your mountain bike to be more difficult to ride. How to perform a perfect lubrication? First, use a special lubricant for bicycles, which is neither too thin (it will dissolve too fast) nor too thick (it will attract dust and dirt), squeeze it from the top and bottom to each link, slowly use one Turn the pedal with one hand and squeeze the lubricating oil at the same time. Generally speaking, a thin layer of lubricating oil is enough, unless you live in a place where there is a lot of rain, then a slightly thicker application can reduce the frequency of maintenance. Then use a rag to get rid of excess lubricating oil.

There is another place worth lubricating, that is your electric mountain bike brake cable. If rain or other water makes it enter the cable housing, it will rust. Put a few drops of lubricant into the skin. If you find that your brake cable is worn out, please replace it.

   Also, lubricating oil can be used in every part of the bicycle (bearing) that can rotate.

3.Check the electric mountain bike

Check your electric mountain bike up and down, there is nothing wrong with it, and tighten the loose bolts, including the crank arm and chain link. Replace worn parts. (Electric mountain bike pedals, tires, handles, etc.). Step on the bicycle with a pedal and check the front and rear brakes.

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