How to prevent wrist pain when riding a bike

How to prevent wrist pain when riding a bike

If wrist pain prevents you from riding for a long time, use these tips for prevention and treatment.

Considering how much work your legs do on the bike, it’s easy to forget your arms, hands, and wrists. They are just supporting you anyway, right? Well, yes, but it takes hard work to keep you upright. When your wrist is exposed to the impact on the saddle for hours, the wrong body posture or wrong bicycle fit can cause wrist pain while riding a bike-and if you continue to ignore it, it can even cause nerve damage. Here is the information you need to know to prevent pain so you can ride comfortably for miles.

Is there a correct way to place the wrist when riding?

Yes. In fact, just as the posture of riding a bicycle is important, so is the position of the wrist when riding. People tend to think that their wrists should be straight, like a karate chop. This is actually the wrong compression posture of the wrist, which puts extra pressure on the nerves and tendons in the carpal tunnel, which is a narrow passage from the wrist to the hand. This pressure can cause wrist pain. “Actually, you need to bend your wrist 15 to 20 degrees back, which will open the carpal tunnel,” Schmidt said. If you go far enough, you can see a crease in your skin, which is too far and will eventually compress the carpal tunnel again.

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What should I know about bike fit and wrist pain?

When riding a bicycle, it’s not just how to hold your wrist. One of the most common culprits of wrist pain while riding a bicycle is also the unsynchronized weight distribution. “If your position on the bike changes your weight distribution on your wrists and hands instead of the saddle, this can cause problems,” said Jason Williams, a human performance sports scientist at Boulder Retül And the bike fits the expert, Colorado.

What is one of the biggest culprits of confusion in weight distribution? Your saddle. “If the saddle is too high or the tip of the nose is too low, it will eventually cause your hands to bear a lot of weight,” Schmidt said. Obviously, the exact measurement will depend on your body and the saddle you are using, but generally speaking, if your saddle is tilted down more than 5 or 6 degrees, it may cause wrist pain.

Extending your hand too far can also put excessive pressure on your wrist. Normally, if you compare the shoulders to the torso, you want the shoulders themselves to be at a 90 degree angle. Other than that, you will eventually lock your elbows and bend back heavily on your wrists.

Speaking of handlebars, if your hand position or hood is much wider than your shoulders, you will tend to roll your wrists outward. So you put the weight of your hand on the fleshy part of the palm, where the ulnar nerve passes through, so this will make your little and ring fingers feel tingling and numb. If you have to turn your hand forward a lot to hold the brake and gear lever, it can also cause pain.

Although you can rotate the brake lever slightly, there is not much room for adjusting the handlebars. Some of these can be solved by slightly changing your technique and posture, but if your handlebars do not promote natural alignment and cause pain, you may just need a new handlebar.

One of the best ways to avoid all this is to make your bike fit your body from the beginning. For some riders, it really makes sense to find a fitter they trust and figure out the fit of their bike, lock their position, and then go shopping based on the fit. Other riders prefer to find a bike they like, buy it, and install it retrospectively. Installing your bike correctly allows you to ride as long and as far as possible without any pain points-even those that seem to be minor pain points like wrist pain.

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What else can cause wrist pain when riding a bicycle?

The terrain-rough roads and rocky gravel-will put extra pressure on your wrist. Running tubeless tires at 20 pounds or 15 pounds can produce more shock absorption. Other solutions, such as carbon fiber handlebars that can better absorb high-frequency vibrations, or even gel rod wraps, can help soften the bouncing slightly. Remember that proper bicycle installation can also help solve these problems.

What does wrist pain mean for your riding:

If you are already riding a bicycle and dealing with wrist pain, start paying attention. If the symptoms occur very quickly, you may need to make more changes-such as fixing the position of the saddle. If your wrist starts to hurt after five hours, it may just be to correct the position of your hand.

Like many athletes, cyclists may be a bit masochistic when they experience pain during exercise, but you don’t want to endure any severe local pain. Muscle soreness and fatigue, as well as the stress of hard work, are all very appropriate, but pain is not part of the problem. Partial or asymmetric joint pain is a really powerful indicator, indicating that your position is deviated or parts are deviated. You should find a professional to solve this problem, because it will cause some long-term real troubles.

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