The Maintenance Methods Of Electric Bicycle Battery

This eBike comes with a built-in battery, to ensure that the power will not cut out unexpectedly. Please read the following page on maintenance carefully.

1. Please fully charge the battery before first use as described above.

2. Please only use the supplied or designated chargers. Otherwise damage may occur to the battery and other related accessories, which could result in an accident. Any damage, loss or fault arising from incorrect charging procedure or from using the wrong charger will be borne by the purchaser.

3. The battery can be charged while inside the bike. Some models can also be removed from the bike for charging. The battery will need using (cycled) around 8-10 times before it reaches optimum performance and capacity.

4. Be careful that the metal ports at the end of the battery box or connecting leads do not touch any other metal as this can cause a short circuit, particular attention should be made with folding bikes.

5. Do not drop, impact or try to dismantle the battery.

6. Do not use the battery for long periods of time under sun exposure or hot temperatures. If you don’t use your electric bike for a long period of time, please charge it every two months, charging to half capacity is considered efficient.

7. Ensure water does not enter the batteries charging port and that the battery is never exposed to humidity.

8. When discarding unwanted batteries, first discharge the battery to zero voltage. Never put into a fire!

9. This bike includes Li-Ion batteries. Keep away from children, liquid, heat or fire. Do not incinerate.

10. When you dispose of the appliance remove the battery and dispose of the battery safely in accordance with local regulations.

11. You must always use the battery in accordance with the instructions on the battery label.

12. Liquid ejected from the battery may cause irritation or burns.

13. Leaks from the battery cells can occur under extreme conditions. Do not touch any liquid that leaks from the battery. If the liquid gets on the skin wash immediately with soap and water. If the liquid gets into the eyes, flush them immediately with clean water for a minimum of 10 minutes and seek medical attention. Wear gloves to handle the battery and dispose of immediately in accordance with local regulations.

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