Comfortable Electric City Bike–Meet the model A3AL24

Comfort is key for model A3AL24. Sit back and enjoy the cushy seat, wide handlebars, 24”*1.75 tires and regular 250w/350w motor. Yes, of course there’s a throttle.

We designed model A3AL24 to not only be extremely fun with a regular brushless motor and throttle, but also incredibly easy to ride with one of the lowest step-through frames available. More than just a standard cruiser, the modular rack system lets you customize your ride they way you want it.

The magic happens in the details. We build every hotebike bike with an obsessively high level of attention to details, allowing us to create a utility-friendly ebike with high-performance components for any riding conditions, without sacrificing a visually compelling design.


Ultra-low Step-Through Frame

We wanted the A3AL24 to be both super-comfy and unbelievably easy

to get on and off. So we designed it with one of the lowest step-through

frames available for a cruiser ebike.It fits almost any rider and any





Sitting on 24″ wheels and comfortable 1.75” tires, you’ll glide effortlessly over pavement and hard-packed trails.








Wide seat & handlebar                                             

The wide, swept-back handlebars and the wide saddle allow you to sit relaxed and comfortably for enjoyable cruising.






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