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Newest electric folding bike lightweight A1-7

Newest city bike folding aluminum frame
36V 10AH lithium battery
36V 250W brushless motor
Aluminum alloy folding frame
CE certification

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Newest electric folding bike lightweight


Newest city bike (10)

Newest city bike
If you’re a cyclist or if you aspire to get into cycling, and if you live in the city, you know that riding a bicycle in an urban environment is different from anything else. Finding the best bike for city riding can be daunting; there are many variables to consider, and you want that perfect blend of comfort, convenience, efficiency and fun.the newest city bikes are designed for you, whether you’re the daily commuter set on beating the morning gridlock, or looking to cross the city at a leisurely pace or simply going down the town for your shopping.
These newest city bikes Shuangye A1-7 pack a up to a 40-50km round trip range, taking the effort out of your journey leaving you refreshed and energetic to continue with your day. Say goodbye to that daunting feeling of the return trip.

Newest city bike (11)Front headlight upgrade

Newest city bike folding aluminum frame

Motor: Shuangye 36V 250W brushless motor
Battery: 36V 10AH lithium battery
Frame: Aluminum alloy folding frame
Gear: 7speed
PAS: Three adjustable speed 1:1 pedal assistant
Charger time: 5-7 hours
Loading: 150kg
Front fork: steel fork