Road bike handlebar guide: how to choose the right one

Road bike handlebar guide: how to choose the right one

Road bike handlebar
Foreign road bikes are usually sold without pedals. In addition to keeping prices low, bike manufacturers know that cyclists are picky when choosing a pedal system. But why, although we are so critical of one contact point, we often overlook other equally important points?

With this in mind, I think sold road bikes without handlebars. Not only the place where the brake lever is placed, you know…

Whether your bike is entry-level, advanced or fully customized, there are five contact points between you and the bike that will ensure comfortable and efficient riding.

Road bike handlebar
The road bike handlebar is more than just a place to put the shift and brake levers (although this function is of course essential). It also helps to determine the stability and handling characteristics of the bicycle. In addition, the well-adjusted handlebars will have hours of comfortable riding.
However, if you get the wrong position, you may suffer neck, shoulder, and lower back pain, not to mention the risk of paralysis of holding hands (or ulnar neuropathy-due to compression or traction of the ulnar nerve through the wrist into the hand, both The smallest fingers are numb, or have hand muscle weakness).

When choosing a road bike handlebar, we suggest to consider the following;

1、Choose the width of the bar

Road bike handlebar
The shoulder width is too important to choose the width of the handlebar.
In practice, I don’t remember any cyclist who suffered inappropriate shoulder tension due to the overly wide handlebars. In fact, I have many narrow-shouldered customers who successfully ride mountain bikes with 730mm handlebars and happily put them down because of the stable wide platform in their hands that provides extra confidence.
The same applies to highways, where wide handlebars provide stability and confidence for inexperienced riders, regardless of their size or shoulder width. I often install wider handlebars for riders who suffer from shoulder strain, neck pain, jaw pain, or hand fatigue due to “death grasp”. This is probably the most notable of many women’s bikes, with narrow handlebars, suitable for riders with narrow shoulders.

2、Choose the horizontal shape

Road bike handlebar
It took a while, but the manufacturer finally realize that most of the bike sales were not elite bike racers. Until recently, you use most racing bikes a lowered tube to combine a handlebar and a stem to provide the maximum aerodynamic position when riding in the current handlebar position.

In most cases, no consideration is given to riding in a comfortable lower position. When FSA and 3T provided Omega and Ergonova respectively, all this changed. On new bikes, a short-shoulder, shallow drop (or “compact”) trend is triggered.
This kind of more ergonomic hardware, especially when combined with the “endurance” bicycle geometry, can even make the most professional office workers ride on the comfortable handlebars on weekends.
This also means that you can actually reach the lower position without the knee to cut your chin. This is an absolutely critical position because it provides the greatest leverage of the brake lever when going downhill.

3、 Set up your road bike handlebar

Road bike handlebar
Choose a long stem with a compact stem instead of a long stem with a short stem. This allows easy access to the controller when riding, and improved bike handling, good torso posture, and easy access to the brake lever when riding in the lower handlebar.

If you are just getting started on road bikes, start with a handlebar wider than your shoulders, and then choose a narrower handlebar as your skills improve (of course it is best to leave the 36cm handlebar to Adam Hansen).
Locate the position of the shift brake lever, from the handlebar shoulder to the handle is a continuous horizontal plane. Make sure that the upper surface of the shoulder/handle is level one or two degrees upwards. This is a good platform to hold, so that the wrist is in a more natural position to control the handle.
Putting the belt back on the hand has a huge impact on pressure and fatigue. We recommend using cork or other handles that are easy to grasp. Gel pads can also be used to absorb the vibrations of road riding, but ensure a comfortable position, rather than causing pressure points.

It is best to avoid any too peculiar handlebar options.

Road bike handlebar
The all-carbon integrated handlebar may be a talk in a coffee shop, but because the location is fixed, it is a nightmare for a bike airship. Anything that is too aerodynamic often overlooks ergonomics. The tight curve of the internal cable wiring creates trouble for the technician and makes the rider’s shifting feel worse. It is best to use gentleman shoe covers or socks to express your personality, rather than using bicycle parts to affect your safety and comfort.

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