Solutions for butt pain in electric bike riding

Solutions for butt pain in electric bike riding

Electric bike riding is a pleasant thing, but unfortunately, many people have butt pain when they step on electric bicycles, forcing many people to give up cycling. In fact, whether you have only started electric bike riding for a month or have been riding for several years, you will encounter this problem, so today we will talk about the causes of electric bicycle bike butt pain and how to avoid butt pain!

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1.Feel carefully:

If your lower back starts to feel stiff, then you can’t ignore the damage that the cushion brings to you. If you think that this is just a process, and you will adapt to the “iron fart skill” slowly, then you are very wrong. If you continue regardless of the danger signals sent by your body, it will cause more serious consequences.

2.Lift your butt from the bicycle saddle:

Even if you are not climbing, getting up and leaving the bicycle saddle every 10-15 minutes will help your blood circulate smoothly.

3.Check the position of the electric bicycle saddle:

Carefully and correctly adjust the electric bike, especially the height of the suitable electric bicycle saddle often produces a significant improvement in riding feeling, and can also prevent you from twisting on the cushion.

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4.Wear appropriate clothing:

A pair of fitted cycling pants with bicycle saddle will play a very good protective effect, and a little skin cream can further reduce friction and play an obvious protective effect.

5.Maintain personal hygiene:

Maintaining personal hygiene can prevent the occurrence of various bacterial infections. You should wear clean cycling pants every time, and avoid sitting around when sweat soaks the cycling pants. Some skin creams themselves contain antibacterial ingredients such as: various herbal extracts.

6.Choose an electric bicycle saddle:

Everyone’s hip shape is different, and no cushion can fit everyone. Don’t be foolish to think that the big and fat bicycle saddle are the most suitable for the buttocks. Sometimes those thin and slender very thin saddles are more comfortable. Although over time, the seat cushion that has been sitting for a long time will slowly begin to deform to fit your hip shape, but this is precisely because it did not fit your ass, and it is also the culprit of back and lumbosacral pain.

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Discomfort symptom check

Any discomfort is a warning from your body, telling you that something is wrong, and it will soon evolve into obvious pain and injury, as is the pain caused by the cushion.

The ischial tuberosity is the main load-bearing part of the “sitting” posture, which bears most of the body’s weight during riding.

1.Skin damage:

It is often on the inner thighs. Continuous friction on both sides of the cushion produces skin damage, which is very painful. Compared with men, women are more likely to have skin damage here.

2.Folliculitis and furuncle:

Folliculitis is inflammation of sweat hair follicles, and furuncle is the result of its further development. Folliculitis is usually not very painful, and it will be good on its own, but if the boil is not treated in time, it will be very painful and the course of the disease is very long, making you unable to ride a bicycle for a long time.

3.Skin ulceration:

Even minor skin injuries may ulcerate if improper care. When the epidermis is damaged, bacteria can invade the dermis and breed and multiply in a warm and humid environment. If the ulcer is not treated in time, it will gradually expand and develop into a serious skin infection.

If the above symptoms occur, we must seek medical treatment in time to prevent small wounds from turning into large wounds. Finally, I wish everyone have a happy ride.

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