The basic structure of electric bicycles

The basic structure of electric bicycles


The charger is a device that supplements the battery with electrical energy, and is generally divided into two-stage charging mode and three-stage charging mode. Two-stage charging mode: first constant voltage charging, the charging current gradually decreases with the increase of battery voltage, and the battery voltage will rise to the set value of the charger after the battery power is replenished to a certain extent, and then switch Ask trickle charge. Three-stage charging mode: At the beginning of charging, the battery is charged with constant current first, and the battery is quickly recharged; after the battery voltage rises, the battery is switched to constant voltage charging. At this time, the battery energy is slowly replenished, and the battery voltage continues to rise; reaching the charger’s termination voltage When the value is reached, switch to trickle charge to maintain the battery and supply the battery’s self-discharge current.

2.Electric Bike Battery

Electric bike Batteries are on-board energy sources that provide energy for electric vehicles. At present, electric vehicles mainly use a combination of lead-acid batteries. In addition, nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries have also been used in some portable folding electric vehicles.

Tips for use: The main control board of the controller is the main circuit of the electric vehicle, which has a large working current and will emit a large amount of heat. Therefore, do not park the electric vehicle in the sun or expose it to rain for a long time to avoid malfunction of the controller.

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The controller is a component that controls the speed of the motor, and is also the core of the electric vehicle’s electrical system. It has under-voltage, current-limiting or over-current protection functions. The intelligent controller also has a variety of riding modes and a self-checking function for the electrical components of the vehicle. The controller is the core component of electric vehicle energy management and various control signal processing.

4.Turn handle, brake handle, power sensor

Handlebars, brake handles, power sensors, etc. are the signal input components of the controller. The handlebar signal is the braking speed signal of the electric vehicle. The brake handle signal is an electrical signal that the brake outputs to the controller from the internal electronic circuit when the electric vehicle brakes; after the controller receives this signal, it will cut off the power supply to the motor to realize the brake power-off function. The assist sensor is a device that detects the pedal force back to the pedal speed signal when the electric vehicle is in the assist state. According to the electric driving power, the controller can automatically match the manpower and electric power, and jointly drive the electric vehicle to rotate.

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5.Electric Bike Motor

The electric bike  motor is a component that converts battery electrical energy into mechanical energy and drives the electric wheels to rotate. There are many types of motors used in electric vehicles in terms of their mechanical structure, speed range and electrification form. Common ones are: brushed hub motors with gears, brushless hub motors with gears, brushless hub motors with gears, brushless hub motors with gears, high disk motors, side mounted motors, etc.

Tips for use: When charging. Keep the charger well ventilated. If you smell peculiar smell or the temperature of the charger case is too high during charging, please stop charging immediately, check and deal with it.

6.Lamps and meters

Lamps and meters are a combination of components that provide lighting and display the status of electric vehicles. The instrument generally provides battery voltage display, vehicle speed display, riding status display, lamp status display, etc. The intelligent instrument can also display the failure status of various electrical components of the vehicle.

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