The difference between road bikes and mountain bikes

The difference between Electric road bikes and mountain bikes.

Spring is in harmony, and now is a good time for a electric bike ride. The new rider does not know the specific difference between a electric mountain bike and a road bike, nor does he know how to choose when buying a bike. I will take this opportunity to show you the difference between electric mountain bikes and road bikes!

Electric Mountain bike

Our common Electric mountain bike tires are usually above 1.9″ (usually in inches as the unit, 1.5″ may be used on special tracks), which is a bit wider.

The adjustable type of the front and rear Frisbee of mountain bikes will be relatively large. The front Frisbee is 3 pieces, the rear Frisbee is generally 6 pieces, and some are 7 pieces. This is designed for the special use of mountain bikes.

Now road bikes and mountain bikes mostly use parallel brakes and disc brakes (anti-lock brakes), which are roughly the same.

The tires of mountain bikes are relatively wide, and the brackets have shock absorbents, which are not as good as road bikes in terms of aerodynamics. This is also a difference in usage.

The designer was originally designed the Mountain bikes  to be able to run on mountain roads. Basically, they all have front wheel fork suspension equipment. Some of them also have shock absorption equipment under the seat, which will have better anti-vibration effects. .

The mountain bike has a straight rod-shaped front with corners at both ends to prevent collisions. It can be used with shock absorbents to achieve a shock absorption effect.

Electric Road bike

The wheel diameter of Electric road bikes is 700°C, the tire width is less than 35mm, and the mainstream width is 18°C~23°C, which is narrower and suitable for high-speed riding.

The number of rear Frisbee of road bikes will be relatively small, so the changes will be relatively small. The front disc usually has two discs, and some have three discs. This design will be conducive to riding on slopes.

Now road bikes and mountain bikes mostly use parallel brakes and disc brakes (anti-lock brakes), which are roughly the same.

Road bikes are mainly used for road racing, and their design is more concerned about the linearity of air flow. The tire design is relatively flat and narrow, which helps reduce wind resistance.

The frame of road bikes is fixed, and it has its portability, so the anti-seismic effect will be poor, mainly because road bikes mostly ride on roads with better intersections, so the anti-seismic effect will be reduced.

Road bikes use a horn-shaped front, which is conducive to adjusting the transmission, while the curved front handle allows people to bend down to reduce wind resistance.

In conclusion, if you are going for a trip and riding a bike in peacetime, it is recommended that you choose a roller bike that is more suitable, so that you can cope with the more rugged roads when you travel. And if you are at a good intersection, and you like to pursue speed, I suggest you use a road bike, which allows you to experience the feeling of running on the road.

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