The necessity of cycling dress

The necessity of cycling dress

Whether it is necessary to buy a set of cycling dress, I think it is very necessary. Cycling pants are more important than cycling tops. Of course, I still recommend you to buy a complete set of cycling dress. In addition: I remind you again: You don’t need to wear underwear when wearing cycling pants, otherwise the effect of ventilation will be greatly reduced.

Why is it necessary? The reason is very simple. It can allow you to ride better, get smaller wind resistance, or better exhaust and perspiration. In the most common words, it looks cool enough, from the perspective of demand. This is necessary.

From the player’s point of view, it is more professional.
Generally speaking, riding dress are close-fitting, which can effectively avoid the situation of driving. I believe that you and I have the experience of wearing loose sportswear and being blown into a balloon by the wind. So we say that the wind resistance can be effectively reduced.

Cycling dress fabrics are generally made of various breathable materials introduced by major companies. Therefore, the sweat produced during riding can be quickly excreted from the body. This is something that pure cotton clothes cannot achieve.

Its outstanding performance is that the sleeves are generally longer than dress of the same size (if it is a long-sleeved cycling jersey, short sleeves naturally do not have this design), this is mainly because the riding posture is the arm stretched to the longest. Therefore, some long-sleeved cycling jerseys often have longer sleeves, which can ensure that they can still cover the wrists and other parts when riding.

The second is that the back is obviously longer than the front, and it is much longer. This is also considering that the posture of the front servant of the bicycle is different from the upright posture. General clothes also have this design, but this design is especially obvious in cycling dress. And prominent.

Be sure to keep your waist warm when riding out. Especially when the temperature is relatively low, long-term exposure to the wind and low temperature of the exposed waist is very easy to cause back pain and other problems. Once again, there are usually some small pockets on the back or on the side. The common design is 3 pockets on the back. You can put some small things, such as chocolate, to replenish energy at any time.

So, is there any alternative? Of course, it’s just a general effect. A polyester vest for outdoor sports and a more close-fitting windbreaker are also possible. Of course, cycling suits are not sky-high, and it is worthwhile to buy one.

Then talk about cycling pants. Long-distance cycling is naturally less comfortable than sitting on the sofa. The butt must suffer. What’s more, being forcibly fixed on such a small piece of cushion, the thighs are still suffering from friction on both sides of the cushion. Therefore, cycling pants are much more important than cycling tops.

Not much to say about its breathability and other properties, refer to the content of the cycling dress above.
The main function is the design of the cushion. This layer often uses COOLMAX material. The purpose is to breathe the above. The main purpose is to cushion the vibration from the ground transmitted through the cushion.
What needs to be reminded is that as the number of uses increases, the pad will become thinner and gradually lose its effect. Therefore, cycling pants are still consumables. Some cycling pants have thicker cushions and better comfort, but air permeability will be affected.
In addition, some cycling pants are available for men and women, and some are designed more professionally and humanely. They are strictly distinguished between men and women and require targeted purchases. Otherwise, if men wear women’s pants, they will suffer a little bit underneath.

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