What exactly does the groove on the bike seat cushion do?

What exactly does the groove on the bike seat cushion do?

bike seat cushion

In today’s life, many bicycles have stationary bike seat cushion, especially mountain bikes. and the best seat cushion is the most important part for your riding comfort during riding. Its width, hardness, and material all affect you. Unusually, there is an obvious groove on the seat cushion. As for why this design is used, many people don’t know why. Many old drivers will have different unique opinions. Regarding this issue, welcome everyone talks about it.

Many sports bike seats are designed with a hollow groove, what exactly is it used for.

Its function is actually the same as you think, due to ergonomic considerations: there are many blood vessels and nerves between the human sciatic bones. This groove can reduce the pressure of the car seat on these blood vessels and nerves. For men and women, its “decompression” effect is still slightly different, let’s take a look!

For men: Not much to say, this hollow is just the place where the boys’ important parts are placed. This hollow can minimize the damage caused by the long-term pressure of the boys’ “babies” when riding.

For women: The outer edge of the female pelvis can better fit with the groove when riding, thereby making contact with the cushion more naturally, especially when the menstrual period comes, the hollow seat will make the female rider get a more comfortable riding experience .

The hollowing can also reduce the impact of the bumpy road on the pelvis and genitals of the riders, and play a corresponding protective effect.

In addition, it is also an air vent when riding in hot weather. The hollow of the seat allows air to circulate in the pelvis and perineum more smoothly, thereby reducing the discomfort caused by the wetness of the part and preventing it from causing it. disease.

The earliest bike seat cushions were designed based on saddles, and this design is still in use today. In fact, leaving a hole in the cushion, this design is still more humane. Here are some insights from the editor, to share with you, I don’t know if it’s right.

bike seat cushion

1. Cost saving

The hollow design in the middle of the bicycle cushion is much more complicated than the integrated design in terms of production process. Some people think that it is cost saving. In fact, this is impossible. At most, it can only save a little material. However, the cost of craftsmanship and manpower far exceeds that point of material cost.

2. Reduce weight

Since the material of the cushion is reduced, the weight of the cushion will inevitably be reduced. For cyclists, especially for competitions, a little weight of the car is very important. Although it looks small, it reduces the streamline wind resistance of driving. OK still helps a lot.
bike seat cushion

3.Reduce stress

People who often ride bicycles will definitely have this feeling. After a long period of riding, the hip will feel the pain of tearing. In fact, it is caused by the force between the sides of the hips (sit bones) and the seat cushion during riding. There are many nerves and blood vessels in the human sciatic bone. The hollow design is mainly to solve the pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in this area, so as to relax our feeling of pressure and discomfort when riding, and make the riding healthier!


After riding for a long time, there will be a lot of heat in the position of the buttocks, which will produce a lot of sweat. This design plays a role of ventilation and heat dissipation to a large extent, so it is very necessary for the bike seat cushion to be breathable.
bike seat cushion

5.Beautiful and generous

With the development of science and technology, according to people’s pursuit of life, the new models make it easier to attract consumers and promote product sales. Just like many people buy a car, in addition to performance and price, one thing that cannot be ignored is that its appearance is enough to attract themselves.

6. It can be ventilated

Why does it have the function of ventilation. Those who have played mountain cross-country cycling probably know that after riding for a long time, the buttocks will generate heat and sweat a lot. At this time, the groove can play a certain role in heat dissipation and ventilation. Therefore, when choosing a sports car, this kind of groove design style car can be used as the first choice.

7. Reduce the pressure on the buttocks during exercise.

So how does it decompress the hips? Feeling pain in the buttocks during riding is because there is friction between the sides of the buttocks and the cushion, so people’s sciatic nerves and blood vessels are often stressed and feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. The groove is designed to help relieve such embarrassment and reduce The pressure and discomfort of the buttocks make you more healthy, comfortable and stress-free even if you are riding far away.

If there is no other indispensable advantage, it can be counted as one for the sake of beauty. In order to ventilate and reduce the pressure on the hips, the design of the bicycle seat cushion not only reduces the material of the seat cushion, but also reduces the weight of the seat cushion and the entire body, so as to achieve a more beautiful and cool effect.

For cyclists, the reduction of the weight of the car can reduce the wind resistance of the streamline when driving, so that people can save their physical strength and facilitate long-term sports riding.

For woman, the beauty of cycling is of course the most important thing. Unique design, exquisite details, and stylish appearance are enough to capture the heart of every color control.

All in all, when you are riding, the groove on the bicycle seat will bring you some convenient places.

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