Why E-Bikes Are Popular ?

As you’ve likely already guessed from the name, an E-Bike is very similar to an everyday bicycle. The main difference being it has an electric powered motor to assist your pedalling when needed.

You can operate an E-Bike by pedaling alone exactly the same as you would a normal bike, but you also have the option of using the motor when you choose. There are many reasons why E-Bikes are great, but they’re particularly handy for helping you get up steep or lengthy hills, deal with a headwind or getting extra power when you’re too worn-out to pedal anymore. More importantly for some though, E-Bikes make it possible for you to go cycling with friends and family you might not normally consider riding with, due to struggling to keep up when relying on your leg power alone. Not any more though…

Why are e-bikes so popular ?

There are at least four reasons for its popularity.

In the first place, e-bikes are really a proper means of short-distance, point-to-point transport. As a rule, there is some distance between our home and the nearest bus stop and between the nearest bus stop and our workplace. If we commute daily by e-bike for a short distance, particularly in smaller cities, we can ride straight to our destination from our home without having to walk extra to and from the bus stop. And e-bikes provide particularly fast and cheap communication for laborers who are mobile all day long, making a hard living. Obviously, point-to-point transport is no doubt a great merit of e-bikes for commuters and other mobile people who have to hurry to and from work, particularly on fine days.

Secondly, e-bikes are more environmentally friendly. Many countries are now being tormented by the serious problem of environmental pollution. Huge amounts of gas emissions from huge numbers of motor vehicles are a great worry . Compared with mopeds, motorcycles or cars, e-bikes consume a very tiny amount of energy. Typical power consumption of an e-bike is 0.10 to 0.15 kw, compared with about 15.0 kw for a car. It is not that current e-bike users are particularly environmentally responsive, yet their conversion to e-bikes have indeed contributed a lot to energy-saving and environmental protection in this country.

Thirdly, They’re also cheaper to maintain than a car, more environmentally friendly and perhaps most importantly, E-Bikes are much better for your health. No doubt the clincher for most when purchasing one. Moreover, with ever improving technology making E-bikes both look and feel increasingly like a normal bike, as well as increasingly affordable prices, it’s no wonder E-Bikes are becoming so popular.

Finally, e-bikes are easier to operate, especially for women and old people, so they take the great fancy of these groups of people. An experienced cyclist does not need assistance under normal conditions to reach a speed of 20-25 km/h. For that purpose, when the rider faces headwind, moves uphill or carries an extra passenger assistance will make a big difference. It ensures that the rider can maintain its regular cruising speed. Therefore, e-bikes, which run neither too fast nor too slowly, are a relatively safe means of transport. So they are particularly suitable for women and senior people.

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