Why should we choose to bike commuting?

Why should we choose to bike commuting?

bike commuting

After spending a whole day in the office, my buttocks were swollen. I kept a posture for a long time. I suffered from backaches and leg cramps. I was busy working on the computer and my vision became blurred. These are the problems that often plague working people. It is said that about 37% of people suffer from illnesses due to work stress and extreme lack of exercise. Every year, a large number of such people urgently need to strengthen their physical fitness through proper exercise.

In the United States, people who commute by bicycle are still very few—less than 1% of all commuters go to work by bicycle. But commuting by bicycle is generally on the rise—according to data released by the 2014 Census, the number of people commuting by bicycle has increased by about 60% since the turn of the century. Portland, Oregon has a large number of cyclists, close to 10%. According to this report, up to 23% of residents in Davis, California, a relatively small city, commute to get off work by bicycle.

Many friends think that they get up early every day and are greedy for the dark. Working hours often exceed the statutory time of eight hours. Is it extravagant to discuss physical exercise? But everyone should know that physical exercise is not limited to specialized places such as gyms. It can exist in every gap between your work, and the commuting time is no longer suitable.
I think you must be tired of commuting to and from get off work in polluted air and overcrowded public transportation, tired of the pain and helplessness in traffic jams. So why don’t you change your way of travel, enjoy the feeling of riding a bike through the traffic, coming and going like a skywalker?

Put it this way: It’s never a bad time to bike to work. With the right gear and an appropriate level of confidence, you can tackle a cycling commute in pretty much all kinds of weather. But with spring around the corner, more people will be thinking about trading their car keys for a commuter bike.

On your drive into work, have you ever noticed a cyclist commuting to work and admired that person? Maybe, you think, it would be cool to ride a bike to the office? Perhaps it’s crossed your mind that bike commuting not only helps the environment and saves gas money, but it can also help you stay fit, healthy and burn a few extra calories.

bike commuting

Cycling can help relieve stress and relieve the physical and mental stress of heavy work. Appropriate exercise can promote the production of various hormones such as endorphins and cortisol, and make people feel happy while decompressing. Exercise can increase self-confidence and help you be more motivated when coping with work. Exercise can also promote thinking innovation, a person who sits still, I am afraid that thinking will follow the fatigue.

In addition to decompression, the most important thing is that cycling to work can ensure your daily exercise volume without taking up your free time outside of work. Imagine that if you commute by bus or car for a long time, your weekly exercise volume is really pitiful. As time passes…think about the consequences for yourself, it’s not good anyway.

bike commuting

After bike commuting, you will also find that you are less late. Although it seems to be far inferior to the speed of a car, the handlebars are in your hands. If there are more people, you will drive slowly, and if there are few people, you will speed up. Compared to the fate of lamenting that I was inevitably late when I encountered a traffic jam before, does the boss look better now?
(Tips: In case you are late, you can use things like a tire on the road as an excuse O(∩_∩)O)

Keep cycling to and from get off work every day, get physical exercise, and no longer feel sluggish during work, and look like you can’t wake up. Work efficiency has been doubled to avoid or reduce the situation of having to work overtime due to inefficiency. When you are in good health, you rarely take sick leave. The boss does not often act as if you owe him money.

At the same time, he appreciates your work performance and mental outlook. According to a study by the University of Glasgow, people who commute by bike have significantly lower health risks than those who take public transportation or driving. The risk of cancer was reduced by 45%, the risk of heart disease was reduced by 46%, and the risk of cardiovascular disease was reduced by 27%.

bike commuting

More and more companies now encourage employees to participate in sports activities at lunchtime. If you are a cyclist, you may wish to recommend an indoor cycling platform for everyone to experience, so that those colleagues who have not made up their minds to commute by bike to join as soon as possible .

Cycling commuting is gentler and more casual than high-intensity cycling, and it should be a part of your life. Saving energy and reducing emissions while keeping your body in good shape is really a good thing for the country, the people and yourself.

Cycling to work is a good way to gain health. If you work in a city, you can avoid the crowded carriages and crowds by cycling.” With many companies launching the “Bike Commuter Plan”, bikes have stepped into everyone’s daily lives.

Need to Know

What’s Cool

One pant cuff rolled (hint: the right one)
Racks or panniers to carry commuting essentials
Bike commuting for any portion of your trip to work, even if it’s riding to a public transportation hub
Recruiting a friend to ride with you
Bike commuting in less-than-perfect weather conditions
What’s Not

Inside-out bike shorts hanging on your cubicle wall
Riding on sidewalks
Listening to music while you should be listening for potential hazards around you
Weaving in and out of stopped or slowly moving traffic
Darting across medians and riding against traffic

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